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DEAR CHRISTINE: Looking to meet up with old friends

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Looking to meet  up with old friends

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Dear Christine,
Please print my letter as soon as possible, as I am only visiting your country and will be back in my homeland by the end of December.
I am a retired gentleman who started visiting Barbados some years ago. Usually, I stay on the south coast of the island near Maxwell in Christ Church.
On my visit last year, a couple living close to Maxwell Coast Road befriended me and we started spending time together. The husband worked as an accountant and the wife was a schoolteacher.
Many mornings we met at Dover Beach where we chatted, swam and spent time exercising.
We also spent a Friday night at the Oistins Fish Fry, which I honestly enjoyed, as well as a day in Bridgetown where I was able to collect some beautiful souvenirs of your island. They also invited me to their home for a Sunday meal during my stay here.
We exchanged addresses and telephone numbers and kept in contact up until June of this year.
I am saddened that I am unable to reach them as they no longer live at the same address and I do not have a new telephone number for them.
I do not wish to embarrass them by printing their names, but if I print mine they might probably see it and know I’m hoping to catch up with them before my return to Canada.
My name is Joseph Khan. I hope you’ll print my letter and that I’ll meet these dear people again.
– Joseph Khan
Dear Joseph,
I have done as you’ve requested and printed your letter. I can only hope that this dear couple sees your letter and reaches out to make contact with you at the address and number you’ve entrusted to me.
In the meantime, continue to enjoy all that Barbados has to offer and I wish you a joyous Christmas and blessed New Year.