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Fined $50 000

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Fined $50 000

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Joe Jordan’s contemptuous behaviour has finally caught up with him.
The outspoken millionaire businessman was yesterday fined $50 000 by Supreme Court Justice Jacqueline Cornelius for blatantly and constantly disobeying a court order to stay away from The Beach House in Sunset Crest, St James.
If he doesn’t pay the fine in 30 days, he will have to spend a week at Her Majesty’s Prison at Dodds. In addition, Jordan will also have to dig further in his pocket to pay costs for the procedure that was concluded in the No 12 Supreme Court yesterday.
And he still isn’t allowed to come within 50 metres of The Beach House, after Justice Cornelius also upheld that an earlier injunction ordered by Justice Elneth Kentish be kept in place until further notice, or until a trial in the substantive issue begins.
Jordan had previously apologized for his actions in breaching the court order, telling the court he had damaged gates on the property and also padlocked the doors of businesses that leased offices at The Beach Club, in an attempt to force a meeting with the property owners.