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DLP COLUMN: Christmas wishes

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DLP COLUMN: Christmas wishes

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The president, officers and members of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) extend best wishes to the good people of Barbados during the Yuletide season. The spirit of the season is one defined by giving, love, sacrifice and sharing. On the note of sharing, the party has come up with a wish list for the season and wants to share it.
• Wish No.1: We wish Owen Arthur to say how Dr William Duguid really feels about his leadership and why he is leaving.
• Wish No.2: We wish Owen to remind the people of what he wanted to do for Duguid at his now famous Press conference on the hill in October 2009, when he sought to publicly humiliate his former deputy Mia Mottley.
• Wish No.3: We wish Owen to advise Edmund Hinkson to tell the voting public in St James North how his predecessor and Member of Parliament for the constituency, Rawle Eastmond, truly feels about them both.
• Wish No.4: We wish for Owen to tell the public if his desire is for a stimulus or cutback or both as he keeps flip-flopping.
• Wish No.5: We wish for Owen to tell us where Mia is going to get the $500 million to establish a fund for tourism and why he never refers to Mia’s policy package in her most recent Budget reply?
• Wish No.6: We wish for Owen to relook what he defines as personal assets.
• Wish No.7: We wish for Owen to tell us exactly how he is going to borrow money to refund CLICO policyholders without compromising the fiscal deficit.
• Wish No.8: We wish for Owen to tell the public what was the motivating factor that encouraged him to return to the mantle of leadership.  
• Wish No.9: We wish for Owen, in his plan for tourism, to tell the public how many hotels were closed under his stewardship.
• Wish No.10: We wish for Owen to tell the public who was the contractor assigned to build the stalls in the north, drew funds but refused to drive a nail.
• Wish No.11: We wish for Owen to tell us who benefited from the floating hotel and why the DLP had to repay the debt.
• Wish No.12: We wish Owen to tell the public why he truly disagrees with free buses fares, constituency councils, summer camps and the David Thompson Memorial Constituency Councils Football Classic.
• Wish No.13: We wish for Owen to tell the public of his love for Cynthia Forde, Sandra Husbands and Mia.
The above is about sharing and we hope, in the spirit of the season, we can get the Opposition Leader to shed some light on these matters that have been raised publicly.
The Democratic Labour Party intends to keep its commitment to the public of Barbados. We promised
we would approach the recession, which we did not create, with fiscal prudence. Barbadians can relax this season, fully aware of the Freundel Stuart-led Government’s continual commitment to maintaining jobs in the public sector, defending the parity of the dollar and trimming the fiscal deficit.
On all three fronts we have achieved high marks. The success of this test lies in this fact – we put people at the centre of our development process.
Merry Christmas, Barbados.
• Douglas Leopold Phillips is a pseudonym for the Democratic Labour Party.