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Home for the holidays

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Home  for the holidays

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BARBADIANS LEAVE BARBADOS for a number of reasons – some go to study, some to be with their significant others, some after job opportunities – but when Christmas rolls around, homesick they all agree: there’s no place like home for the holidays.
The SATURDAY SUN again travelled to Grantley Adams International Airport to capture the moments when Barbadians return home and into the waiting arms of loved ones.
The Butcher and Rawlins family were together again for Christmas in Barbados for the first time. Their plans include drinking coconut water and “everything”.
Joan Butcher said she had not spent a Christmas home in more than 20 years. She said the family had come in from Boston, New York and Philadelphia and all 19 of them would be staying in one house.
Levar Powell looked pleased as punch to be back home. He said he was back to visit family and planned to make the most of it.
“I am going to relax on the beach during the day and at night I’m going to party,” he said.
When asked why he kept coming back he said: “This is home; I love the people. What’s not to like about Barbados?”
The Browne family also makes the annual trip back home. Dionne Browne said it was cold in New York so coming home was a way to leave that behind and, more importantly, reconnect with family and friends.
As such, she said they planned to hit the beach and eat real Bajan foods like cou-cou and flying fish and pudding and souse.
Brother and sister duo Jaz and Janay Cumberbatch both study in Toronto, albeit at different universities. They were greeted by their mother and grandmother at the airport on Wednesday and spoke about their experiences abroad.
“It’s hard but good, I like the big city,” said Janay, a third year student.
However, she added that while the large city had its attractions, she “loved Barbados”.
“It’s the best thing ever to come home after working so hard at school. I’m going to go to the beach, party and sleep,” she said.
Her brother was thinking more along the lines of his stomach, particularly rotis and Chefette chicken. A second year student, he said he did not mind it in Toronto but the weather could be a challenge sometimes.
“It’s not bad; I enjoy it although the temperature can be a bit harsh at times. I am excited to be back, I’m ready to go party and spend time with my family,” he said.
Little Arianna and Aedan Frank are the joy of their grandmother, Velma Green. She said she visited them in Buffalo but being together here in Barbados was special.
“I just live to see them. I usually see them in Buffalo in June but being together back in Barbados is a joy,” she said.
As for the kids, their itinerary included the beach, Chefette and ice cream. (CA)