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Mum blue over child’s omission

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Mum blue over child’s omission

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AN ANGRY?STAR-STRUCK?mum has been complaining bitterly to her friends because her child’s performance was not publicized by a media house.
She is hopping mad because the little girl whom she refers to as a “rising star” was not prominently mentioned, with photo and all, after she went on stage.
But some of her friends feel that this woman who has made several headlines herself, both off and on the stage, should take it easy and stop trying to use her child to live out her own dreams.
If the talented child is destined to have her name written in the stars, her time shall come!
Lost love
A CERTAIN PERSONALITY’S soul must have been pierced when he had to watch his closet lover walk down the aisle with a beautiful bride.
A birdie who attended the “hush-hush” ceremony swore that he saw a teardrop on the cheeks of the smooth-talking media man at the moment when lover boy said: “I do.”
From all reports, he is still in shock at the fact that his sweetheart has really and truly married . . . a woman.
Inquiring minds want to know if this is the end of their undercover relationship. They also want to know why the wedding was kept such a secret and why the equally popular groom, who delights in putting everything on his Facebook page for his many fans, has not posted his wedding ceremony.
Is it because his sexuality was recently called into question by some fans?
Whatever the reason, the photos are sure to be timeless pieces.
No Yuletide spirit
MANAGERS at a certain business place could find themselves on the dance floor alone when the company holds its annual Christmas party.
Staff are not planning to boycott the much-talked-about event but word is that they will be on a “party-to-rule” – no eating, drinking or dancing.
Apparently, staff members are upset that the company, which recorded excellent financial returns this year despite the tough economic times, has arbitrarily cut the bonus by more than 50 per cent while spending lots of money to hold the party at a top-rated hotel.
Staff would have preferred that money to be used to top up their bonus. They complain that while they did all the hard work, the managers have reaped all the sweets this year.
Dumped for Christmas
IT CERTAINLY is beginning to look a lot like Christmas but a woman who was planning to go over the top this year with decorations and all is now feeling like a big puppet.
Only last week her husband packed his bags and moved out of the house and is reportedly now shacked up in an apartment with his young secretary.
Wifey had already started to decorate their lovely home, located in the heights, and had brought out new furniture and appliances because they were hosting a Christmas luncheon for the family.
The poor, depressed woman has  called off the merrymaking plans because she is too embarrassed to let anyone know that her husband has run off with a younger woman.
Watchman gone wild
Residents of a close-knit St Michael community are blue vex over the actions of a primary school watchman.
This ‘dread’, who abandons his duties and heads to a well-known City drug hole, leaving the school unattended for hours, is raging war with everyone in the community, children and all.
The watchman, who many say has a split personality, can on any given day be found imbibing alcohol not far from the school’s premises.
He has personally taken it upon himself to try to ban all and sundry from playing games on the school’s pasture in a most foul manner. Help us!