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RI-RI’S back

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RI-RI’S back

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Rihanna is back in Barbados for Christmas.
The global singing star was spotted in Bridgetown shopping yesterday, stopping at Tropicana Jewellers in Swan Street at one stage.
Her presence caused the already congested street to become all but impassable as eager Barbadians temporarily set aside the holiday rush and used the opportunity to snap pictures with their cellphones of the star.
The multi award-winning performer looked tired as she travelled with her aunt, cousin, best friends and bodyguard, but still managed to smile when some people shouted out how much they loved her.
Perhaps the reason for the tired appearance was her exasperation with the international paparazzi. She was overheard by our photographer saying they were “really annoying” and had stationed themselves outside her hotel in boats, most likely to take long range shots. She was heard asking them to give her a break so she could enjoy her vacation at home. (CA)