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Land becomes sea

Harry Russell

Land becomes sea

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If you are reading this article, it means that we have been spared the predicted obliteration of December 21, 2012. The powers above have found nine honest men and the Wild Coot. We continue to exist in the world as it is, but we must mend our errant ways or else December 21, 2013, will catch us.
Alarm bells went off when I learnt that an unusually large area of the North Pole has melted. According  to research, some 11.83 million square kilometres of Arctic ice melted between March and September 2012. This obviously affects the balance of this spinning globe.
I recall writing an article on the HAB Theory [a 1976 science fiction novel by American author Allan W. Eckert]. This theory predicted that the earth would shift its axis as the snow melts. To me, the theory is plausible and seems  to validate the many findings of tropical vegetation in present arctic areas. These areas were once near the equator, blessed by the heat of the sun. Whenever this tilting phenomenon takes place, places that were land become submerged and places that were sea become land – for example, the Sahara desert. Probably explains  the Ice Age!
The change in the amount of ice in the Arctic Ocean disturbs the weight and balance of the earth, just as the heaviest part of a spinning ball becomes its equator. The earth will tilt as the new equator is formed. This happens approximately every 7 000 years, and we are nearly there.
Please do not be afraid or tremble. They say that this has happened already, witnessed by more than one spot  on the globe where there was a previous north pole  to which compasses still point. These spots were once  true north poles.
My hope is that our island chain will rise up above the sea and become a large land mass. Then we would be a true CARICOM, one country, one flag. If it happens before elections in Barbados and Grenada, we would have to choose which of all of our present leaders will be the prime minister. As it stands, this would be difficult.
Miss Myrie would then have no problems, as she would be able to travel to Barbados by car and there would be no immigration or customs to which she would have to submit.
There would be no need for a Medium Term Plan, as we would have one budget with all the resources of the region at our disposal – oil, gas, sugar, bananas, nutmeg, rum, bauxite, gold, timber, tourism and so on.  
Were this to happen, the stress that our poor Government is going through would be eased to a great extent. It would regret the haste in selling National Bank shares for sure. Mr Barack could be given some of the new land and justice would at long last be served, but there would be a problem in deciding which part of the new CARICOM is corrupt and which part is not.
Seriously, I do not believe that this will happen yet and  I wish those who read me, in particular, a prosperous season and the rest a merry Christmas. Next year, God willing, the Wild Coot will talk about his book, the Diary Of A Randy Old Coot. Among other things, it portrays the customs and behaviour of people in villages in the 1950s and shows the stark contrast with today.
For example, if two children not yet teenagers were caught “fooling around”, the boy would be severely upbraided by his father (while thinking “looking good”) and the girl would receive a spanking (naughty girl). Today all hell would break loose and police, lawyers and a court case may lead to incarceration for the boy and monetary compensation for the girl.
My greatest hope for the new year is peace and harmony in business, that my friend Lowdown is no longer being forced out of the goat’s milk business and that the minibus operators face fair competition and operate on a level playing field.
• Harry Russell is a banker.  Email [email protected]