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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Joy to de worl’ – peace and love to all

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Joy to de worl’ – peace and love to all

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Lemmuh begin by wishin’ you an’ yours a very happy an’ blessed Chris’mas an’ all good t’ings fuh de comin’ year. Jes’ imagine: Tuesdy nex’ week we gine be writin’ “2013” an’ wonderin’ whey “2012” went to.    
Well, anethuh 25th December come ’roun’ agen. We been lookin’ forward to it, an’ today is de day – all de excitement leadin’ up to it, now at an en’. All de shoppin’, beggin’, borrowin’, creditin’ – or sometimes even t’iefin – done. I was readin’ in one o’ de papers yuh sen’ muh, dat de two weeken’s  befo’ Chris’mas, wunna Britons din’ fuhget to shop – spennin’ two billion poun’s ovuh Sarrduh an’ Sundy en no li’l bit o’ money. I could risk to bet one body dat wasn’ helpin’ in any way to swell dem coffers was my frien’. When it come to money, you got Uhu glue plaster all ovuh you palms, soul; you don’ spen’ a bad cent.
Ovuh hey, de day nusually pass off very quiet, an’ I sure it is de same t’ing fuh wunna in Engelant. Chris’mas Eve is really de day when young an’ ole come out to rush ’bout gettin’ in de las’–minute shoppin’ – some come out to rush ’bout, ’cause it is Chris’mas Eve an’ duh jes’ want to be part o’ de crowd – sometimes, not wid good intentions, neiduh.  After gettin’ home, de wuk den start – all de cleanin’, bakin’, hangin’ up new curtains an’ gettin’ duhself so tired out, dat nex’ mornin’ at de 5 o’clock service, it is a real job to stop duhself from noddin’ off. Philomena say she does get some good sport, checkin’ to see who neck brekkin’ off,  an’ who tryin’ to sit up straight, blinkin’ all de time  to keep duh eyes open. Dat mornin’, yuh see people yuh din see fuh de year an’ won’ be seein’ agen ’til nex’ Chris’mas.  
When de service done, it is off to Queen’s Park fuh de Chris’mas concert an’ dress parade. Now dat is whey yuh see some fashions outta dis worl’ –  wid some men even outshinin’ de women dese days. Neffin much lef’ to do when yuh get back home, but to eat up an’ drink up, an’ fuh some, get blin’ drunk an’ fall ’sleep. Befo’ yuh know it, de day ovuh. Sometimes yuh wonder ef usin’ up all dah energy was worf’ de effort.
Once ’pon a time, de Chris’mas fambly lunch at home was de highlight o’ de day, but nowadays dah seem to be tekkin’ a back seat, as mo’ an’ mo’ Bajans decidin’ to eat out, so mos’ o’ de hotels nusually book solid dah day – slavin’ ovuh a hot stove to produce all sorts o’ goodies, gettin’ push furthuh an’ furthuh back. I won’ be surprise ef, one o’ dese days, when mos’ o’ de ole people die out, all dah “home cookin’” fuh Chris’mas don’ go straight in de hist’ry books. Same t’ing wid Chris’mas cakes. Why go t’rough all dah bakin’ at home when it so much mo’ easy to order a cake – sometimes tase’in’ much better dan any you could evuh produce – an’ pick it up, or, as it happen once or twice in pas’ years, fightin’ one anethuh an’ snatchin’ cakes outta yuh nighber trolley at de supermarket. Changin’ times in Buhbayduss, chile.
But leh we “hol’ strain”. Sometimes, all de shoppin’ an’ eatin’ an’ drinkin’ tend to mek we fuhget de real reason why we celebratin’ Chris’mas – de birf o’ de Chris’ Chile who came to gi’e we de greatest gif’ – love.  So while we mekkin’ merry, we should still fin’ time to show peace an’ love to whoevuh we meet.  Don’ stop when de season done, doh, continue wid it all year ‘roun’.
Merry Chris’mas.
Tek care o’ yuhself. Yuh frien’, Babsie.