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DEAR CHRISTINE: Still hurting after three years without ex

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Still hurting after three years without ex

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Dear Christine,
I split up with my ex-boyfriend almost three years ago after five years of being together.
We broke up when I discovered that he had cheated on me several times during the course of our relationship, including having an affair with my best friend.
Since our split I have dated three other guys, but nothing serious ever came out of the relationships because I find it hard to trust men. Maybe you or your readers may think I need to let go, move on and even lighten up a bit, since these men gave me no reason not to trust them.
The truth is, I am finding it hard to get past the deceit and hurts of the past. How do I move on from here?
– P.G.
Dear P.G.,
I suggest that you stop dating and take some time just for yourself. You may not even be aware of it, but you could be leaving a trail of broken hearts behind you because you have not forgiven your ex-boyfriend for the hurt that he caused you.
I believe you need to reassess your life and ask yourself if this man is worth the frustration. Should he affect your present and future the way you are allowing him to, or should you see him as simply a bad apple among the whole lot?
Quite frankly, he cannot be worth the pain, frustration and the agony you’ve been putting yourself through for the past three years.
Tell yourself you will face 2013 with new hopes, aspirations, a whole new outlook on life; that you will think positively and let God be your guide during the new year.
Take that much needed time for yourself as you allow your heart to heal. I can assure you that you’ll come back better and stronger. May 2013 be a year of wonderful victories for you.