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Santa on a segway? Ho! Ho! Ho!

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Santa on a segway? Ho! Ho! Ho!

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CHRISTMAS IN THE CARIBBEAN is in more than one way worlds apart from Christmas in the colder regions of the globe.
Where else would Santa arrive, not on a sleigh, but on a Segway electric scooter? Where else is there a sand sculpture competition rather than one for snow angels?
This was exactly the case  at Sandy Lane yesterday  as none other than Father Christmas himself handed out the prizes at the annual Sand  Castle competition held  at the St James hotel.
Santa and his elves, taken from Dancin’ Africa, made  a grand entrance on the Segway’s and followed it up with an entertaining package that included dancing; tuk music from the Pompasetters; feats of strength and dexterity by Michael Taitt And All The Best and the skill of Wacky Wayne The Balloon Man. (CA)
Here, Santa Claus arriving at Sandy Lane on a Segway, ready to hand out gifts. (Picture by Ricardo Leacock.)