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Seventh yacht makes Atlantic crossing

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Seventh yacht makes Atlantic crossing

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IT?WAS?A?DAY past Christmas and not three, but one ship came sailing into the Careenage at the end of its long journey across the Atlantic  in the Panerai Transat Classique Race.
Just after 1:20 p.m. yesterday, the seventh-placed Gweneven and its relieved four-member French crew sailed into the Inner Basin to a rousing reception  from the members of the previous six ships, as well as friends and family waiting to welcome the brave sailors.
With little English at their disposal, Captain Oren Nataf’s fiancée Sarah Drevillon translated to indicate that the four sailors were happy to reach Barbados after 23 days on the open sea. They lamented that while the waves provided music, they missed wine, rum and women on board the vessel.
They were hoping to reach Barbados on Christmas Day but 250 miles out the spinnaker broke and delayed their arrival.  (KB)