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DLP COLUMN: Dems better for island

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DLP COLUMN: Dems better for island

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Owen Arthur’s Barbados Labour Party has designed and executed programmes, ostensibly in the name of progress, that have only benefited the few; and, from a people’s perspective, backfired to the detriment of the standard of living and general well-being of the vast majority of Barbadian citizens. The Arthur group is once again attempting to hoodwink the public with a Mascoll/Arthur 15-point plan.
The axis upon which the plan rotates is the sale of public assets, a policy prescription only Arthur knows how to exploit. He seeks to pin the global recession on the DLP, as if Barbadians are blind to what is occurring in the United States, European Union and Britain.
The global recession has not made the people of Barbados weak; it has rekindled our desire to forge ahead despite the odds. The attacks on our policy have not resonated with the public. The constant attacks on Dr DeLisle Worrell have not gone done well with Barbadians.
Arthur wants Barbadians to forget all that turned them off after three terms of waste.
The public has not forgotten when the Barbados Labour Party set out to build a prison for one price, increased the cost by some 125 per cent, and then on the back of that said the currency tabulation was wrong and that you now had to multiply everything by two!
The political zeal with which Arthur has pursued his dream of a second coming has become his worst enemy. He has mowed down all the opposition in Opposition to retain the post he loves so dear – leader.
He now wants Barbadians to believe that the boast of the creation of a new class of people under his tenure can be corrected in four years. He seeks to blame the Freundel Stuart-led DLP for a recession it did not create.
Arthur wants us to forget it was his Government’s tax policy that created a “working poor” in our country.
This DLP Government understands the importance of a job and the need for a strong social safety net. These two policy pillars have been the source of bitter attacks by the pundits on the other side.
The policy prescription of the Arthur group has been premised on cutbacks, through sending home public servants and privatization – a fact they have been trying to deny, despite utterance from the leader’s mouth. Non-ownership of issues has become the norm for the Barbados Labour Party, in office and out.
In office, no one could tell the public why the Oval was closed for nearly half of a year after World Cup cricket. This project was yet another one on the menu of cost overruns and taxpayer’s wastage.
It mirrored what occurred at the Grantley Adams International Airport, a facility that functions satisfactorily only when there is no rain. This project went over budget by some $70 million. Shame!!!
The country is on the verge of a general election and a new year. We expect in 2013, as a party, to continue to renew and strengthen our bond with the people of Barbados. The Democratic Labour Party is focused on rebuilding and restoring Barbados to its rightful place in the hearts of the people.
Barbadians will once again feel rescued from Arthur’s working-poor policies.  We are on target in 2013 to deliver on the five new nursery schools and the start of a promised new secondary school in Christ Church. The Government’s housing solutions continue to be rolled out as the year closes. The much awaited handing over of the new Valery Towers and Lancaster will happen. New homeowners are expected to usher in the New Year with keys in hand. Barbados continues to stay the course with the Dems . . . . We have spoken and demonstrated the Dems are better for Barbados. 
• Douglas Leopold Phillips is a pseudonym for the Democratic Labour Party.