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What’s Trending: Doctors owed $2m

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What’s Trending: Doctors owed $2m

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The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes  a look at what’s trending today in Barbados.
In today’s Weekend Nation, it was revealed that 48 doctors at the Queen Elizabeth who had attained the S4 grade are owed  $2m. The hospital’s CEO Dr Dexter James said the outstanding allowances predated the QEH board. Our online readers weighed in on this issue.
Bim Bum: Doctors get an entertainment allowance?? Wow! never knew that!  Given their line of work, it’s hard to see how this fits in…really! Cash Flow Problems: all businesses are suffering this. QEH is no different, as a business. As soon as Gov’t pays QEH, QEH can pay the doctors. Until then, I hope they can scrounge enough to stay alive.
June Skeete: Which Govt…then or now?  Which Govt owes Mr. Barrack?  Then or now?  I tired uh all dis.
Carl Harper: Those doctors (consultants) who are owed entertainment allowances should be paid as soon as possible. This situation cannot be allowed to persist, regardless of if it predates the QEH Board. It is unacceptable. Meanwhile, I would like to see the said consultants honor the terms of their contracts and be on duty at the QEH when they are scheduled to be there, instead of being at their private offices. I would also like to see the consultants give patients admitted through the QEH and require surgeries more urgent attention, instead of continuously rescheduling their operations in favor of private and paying patients. And finally, please keep appointments with patients and family members at the QEH. These persons are obviously anxious about their condition and that of loved ones.
Angela J. Thompson Branch: Doctors have families too and the I am sure the MPs doing less work than the doctors are getting whatever is due to them .The long hours and sometimes not pleasant tasks and at times verbal abuse they have to take cannot be overlooked. Plus remember the long waiting periods when they are not yet on staff they have to wait before getting a cent. Pay the doctors.