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Elections in the air

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Elections in the air

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SELECT RESIDENTS in a St Michael constituency got their best treatment ever this Christmas when their MP brought food hampers around.
A person who received one of the hampers said it seemed the MP was making sure to share the fatted calf with households having five or more potential voters.
His bag of goodies included small packages of flour, butter, rice, potatoes, onions, macaroni, oranges, apples and mandarins.
His gift apart, the MP was jovial and engaging and promised to look into each concern mentioned to him.
What stunned this constituent about her MP was the attentiveness he showed that was absent in the near five years he had won the seat. Before, he always seemed to be in a hurry, like a ZR driver, but not that day.
All this constituent could say was, elections must be in the air.

Supporters upset
PEOPLE GATHERED together at a certain place on the outskirts of Bridgetown recently lambasted a man they had supported and questioned why they should help
him again, given his performance.
The fly on the wall who reported to Cou Cou said they tore this man to shreds for not helping more people and being seen and heard where it mattered most, as against being seen only in the media.
They took him apart, too, for assisting mostly people he was familiar with, as against a larger group so the little there was could have been shared more effectively.
This man was holding so many licks that a senior man had to tell diehard supporters he was sure more would have been done if it were financially possible. But it wasn’t.
From the tone and tenor of the meeting, this man – who his opponents jokingly say is a driver who cannot drive – was left wondering if he would have the support necessary to bring home the bacon whenever the bell is rung. Time will tell.
Love talk
A LITTLE BIRDIE keeps whispering that the date everyone is listening to hear is one that will afford people
a chance to show how much love they have for certain people.
Those who like playing guessing games are suggesting January 20 is the date so people can vote for the Skipper. They say the invoking of the name of their great departed leader would be the best rallying call for the beleaguered lot seeking another meal off the lean calf.
Others interpret this love move talk as a hint that it’s a date in February, the real month of love. They say it is known the boss man is fancied by the fairer sex and they’re sure he’ll choose this month because it reflects what people usually feel for him.
Name change
THERE WAS ANGER in a northern enclave when it was announced that a name would be affixed to a place, and the name was not that of a person who had connections to it.
From what Cou Cou was told, the frontrunner, whose name was thought to be the one that should be placed on the building, ran afoul of the person who had the say on whose name was going where. The fallout was due to an ongoing dispute. So a decision was taken that the frontrunner’s name would not be going anywhere.
When others challenged that decision, it was reportedly said that certain individuals referred to an incident two decades before to suggest there could be no outcry if this man was not smiled upon.