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Readers’ say on transfers

Carol Martindale

Readers’ say on transfers

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Following the news of the transfer of about 20 teachers from Alexandra School to some other schools across Barbados, the Nation’s online readers have been weighing in on the shifts made.
Some agreed with the reassignments of the teachers, commenting mainly on principal Jeff Broomes’ new assignment at Parkinson School which takes effect from next month.
It is also understand that as part of the changes, Parkinson principal Orson Alleyne will replace Broomes at Alexandra School.
This is what some readers had to say on the new development.
Victoria S Lily: “This was the recommendation by the Commission of Inquiry that was done at a high cost. At least they should follow it for the sake of the tax payers’ money that was spent, although any sound minded person could have recommended that without all that public embarrassment and drama. A transfer is not a big deal. As a teacher one can do a great job at any school. At least he is not taken off the job completely. That would have been a waste of talent which Mr Broomes definitely possesses as is evident from the way he deals with his students. All the other teachers will settle in just fine where ever they are placed.”
Janelle  Kippins: “There is no study that proves that you will not be successful if you go to a ‘lower school’. It is my belief that sometimes people put too much stigma on a school, and that is why some kids think automatically that they will be failures. I belief that all secondary schools should have their teachers and principals transferred after one year. That way, one can (1) track the real performance of a teacher and (2) find out the real performance level of a principal. It is extremely nasty that any teacher or principal can ‘hold to ransom’ any child’s education. …”
Lisa Taylor: “No one is saying directly who was wrong but these new appointments certainly made it easier to see where most of the fault was ….When you do good no one remembers , when you mess up there is always someone with great memory. The thing is to learn and move on. Let’s all hope that the kids at the school can finally settle down and get on with their school work instead of being caught in these adult issues”
Roger Manning: “I would hardly call this a shake-up. Fiasco is what the headline should read. What a huge waste of money and time. No leadership in Barbados.”
Troy P Hoyte: “Parkinson always had good head teachers and Mr Broomes will continue the trend. Mr Allyene did great work at Parkinson and it will be sad to see him go.”
Princess Tiny Neferua: “Why didn’t Government just send the whole lot on early retirement and give some of those other promising teachers a chance to shine and teach our children that truth, respect and other such virtues should be instilled within yourself if you need others to look up to you. These people will just carry their ideologies with them where ever they go.”
Wayne T Griffith: “All I want to know is why we spent $600 000 on an inquiry to simply transfer the staff to other schools. Couldn’t this have been done at a simple meeting?”
Conchita Moseley: “All the talk and no one has considered the children? I guess the children at the Alexandra School and Parkinson will be grieving. Selfish inconsiderate unprofessional s are to blame. I personally believe that everyone of the thirty should be sacked. It has not happened. The decision to transfer 20 is unacceptable. Alll thirty should be transferred to separate schools. They should be isolated, so that the same does not reoccur. I wish both principals well. Good luck.”
Angela J Thompson Branch: “Parkinson has a great headmaster in Mr Alleyne so I will say both schools will be blessed with great men. Please all the powers that be remember the pupils in all this. A pity it took all that money spent to make these decisions…
Jo-Anne S Husbands: “ …We are sick and tired of the saga and the stress it is causing the students and the money being wasted that could be spent on other important things. Thank God a decision has been made.”