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Sweet-singing Christina

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Sweet-singing Christina

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PETITE AND PRETTY with a blonde mop of curly hair, you might expect 18-year-old Christina Dottin to be a frilly girly-girl, but the teenager is quite far from the stereotype.
The combat boot-wearing, R&B-listening, soca-singing student loves defying expectations.
“When I released my first soca song this year a lot of people just couldn’t believe it was me. Even Kirk Brown, who played it on the radio over and over, had difficulty believing I was a local singer,” she said.
Her debut song was well received at Crop Over but she didn’t enter any competitions.
“I had just turned 18 around Crop Over and my mum was a little apprehensive about the process. I will definitely be in everything next year though,” she promised.
Christina’s enthusiasm is infectious and it is hard to see how she could possibly not succeed at anything she sets her mind to.
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