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Turned away from home

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Turned away from home

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MANAGEMENT AT?A CERTAIN nursing home were obviously not in the Christmas spirit on Christmas Day.
That would probably explain why they banned a family from visiting their loved one when they turned up at the home armed with a bag full of goodies.
From what we understand, the family, including the wife of the man who was institutionalized, were greeted at the door and told that they would not be allowed in because they owed the home two months’ rent.
They were also told that they would be taken to court for the money and that the ailing old man would be deposited at the hospital.
The wife, who insisted that she be allowed to see her husband, even for a few minutes, was ordered off the property and told to take her bag of goodies with her too.
The angry family could not believe that they were treated with such disrespect and they are planning to file a complaint about the home with the relevant authorities.

Out in the cold
SOME EMPLOYEES at a certain Government office were apparently uninvited from attending their annual Christmas luncheon.
Hours before the event they received word that anyone on leave or vacation would not be allowed to attend.
This, of course, meant that a number of senior people who usually take vacation around this time were left out in the cold.
When employees sought to find out who would have given such a ridiculous directive, all fingers were pointed at the head honcho who never has a clue what to do.
She was, as usual, forgiven when it was realized that her deputy, who usually makes all of the sensible decisions, was one of the employees on leave too.

Designer guest
FAMILY MEMBERS of a certain woman who came from over and away to spend Christmas here could not wait until she packed her bags and left.
It appears that this family member, who has been living in the United States for several years, arrived with a holier-than-thou attitude.
First of all, she brought nothing for her relatives but was constantly showing off by wearing designer clothes and carrying designer bags, even when she was just staying in.
She also wanted her family to take her out to dinner at fancy restaurants every evening and foot the bill; while at night she would prance around the neighbourhood in a $10 000 fur coat because she said it was cold out.
After two weeks the family breathed a sigh of relief when she cut short her vacation and returned home after complaining that she wasn’t having fun.
They want her to know that if she ever decides to come again, she should bring cash with her so she can stay in a hotel and buy her own food.

Another clean-up
SEEMS THAT ANOTHER Bridgetown store was forced to get its act together.
Word reaching Pudding & Souse is that health inspectors swooped down on the family-owned business and ordered an extensive clean-up.
Employees are now saying they can breathe better while customers are able to shop more comfortably given the addition of several industrial fans.
Seems that this store, which claims to be having a closing down sale every three months, is here to stay.