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Young dying faster than the old folks

Mavis Beckles

Young dying faster than the old folks

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WHEN I WAS GROWING UP, I used tuh think dat I had a long, long time tuh live before I get old.
Actually, I used tuh think dat I would never get old; dat people in duh thirties and forties was old and dat when we children talk ’bout a grandmother or grandfather, they would be old people wid grey hair, sitting down in a nice mahogany rocking chair and wearing glasses. But one o’ the main things I used tuh think was dat only old people used tuh die.
Oh, how wrong I was. The Bible says dat foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child and I gine tell ya, dat was suh much foolishness, bare foolishness. Today, I is a big able woman wid children and grandchildren. I aint dead yet, I aint ready tuh dead yet and  I certainly doan consider myself tuh be old.
But nowadays, evahtime ya look around, another young body dead and gone long easy so. Look at the amount o’ young people dat dying just so.
Ovah the past four or so years I have lived tuh see and hear ’bout a whole lot o’ young men and women who get cut off in no time, quick so. Nuh kinda warning, nutten, and duh just gone long, while the old ones living all the way past duh eighties, nineties and a lot o’ dem even gone past a hundred and all.  
It is amazing doh!  The young people dying faster than the old ones, and despite how much you talk tuh dem – because you as a parent frighten as France as tuh the dangers duh might be exposed tuh when duh say duh going tuh hang out wid duh friends, or when duh leaving the house fuh any reason at all – it like it doan even faze dem in the least.  Duh like duh doan believe dat anything could happen tuh dem; something could happen to anybody else,  but not dem.This year alone real young people lost duh lives  pon the roads. A good few young men lost duh lives in motorcycle accidents. I mean it does grieve ya heart when ya hear ’bout a single person dying tragically pon the road but when ya hear ’bout two young women and even babies? It is truly painful.
My heart goes out tuh the mother who, in just one go, lost her youngest daughter, her granddaughter and grandson. It took me right back tuh the tragedy in Brittons Hill a few years ago when two mothers  lost their son, daughter and grandchildren all at the same time. How do ya deal wid it? How do ya go on from there?  
We have tuh continue tuh pray hard for the safety  of our children and we gotta pray dat our streets will be safe again. We gotta pray dat drivers would be less impatient on the roads and realize dat when somebody dies tragically and they are involved, it is something dat they are going tuh have tuh live wid fuh the rest of duh lives.
I think it was only last week dat I write ’bout the freaky things dat does happen ’round this time o’ the year and looka wha’ could happen in less than a week.
Father, I pray dat our young people would be safe, dat they would come tuh know You, dat they would understand dat their lives are not their own and they aint got nuh kinda control ovah their lives; neither do they have time put down. Oh Lord, have mercy!
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in  The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.