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The day before . . .

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The day before . . .

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Economic crisis? what crisis?
Bridgetown was busy yesterday, ahead of Old Year’s Night celebrations, with Swan Street, as is usual, the busiest, with some shoppers behaving as there was no tomorrow.
Brandon Lee took a shirt and slacks ensemble at Ouch store in Swan Street in preparation for the Indulgence show with Tommy Lee at Kensington Oval tomorrow night. His name is Lee, and the show is with Lee so he is going. “What budget? No problem,” he said.
Greg Morris, operator of Swagga, opposite Cave Shepherd, was cautious about the shoppers.
“We busy, but not like before. You will mostly get the rush Monday.” As if to prove him wrong, a horde of young shoppers then invaded the store.
One of them was Philip Lewis seeking a pants for the same Indulgence event and doling out the cash for his brand name jeans.   
But sage vendors still sensed some hesitancy with buyers compared to previous years. They were however optimistic about a last-minute rush Monday as financial caution is set aside for another day.
Ouch owner Ricky Delpeache said he expected the full crowd in his store tomorrow.
Shyam Mahtani of Harmony on Swan Street observed that Christmas shoppers created the bigger rush, but Old Year’s buyers were steady. He also expects larger numbers tomorrow.
It was not a case of all buying up a storm to party the year away, however, as many – young and old – said they were sticking to their traditional “watchnight” church attendance.
By noon, hairstylist Toni Best had completed six heads, and expected about ten more before the evening was over.
Some were shopping but not for a special occasion. Chris Callender and wife Celia were in the Cave Shepherd men’s section.
“I hear they got a sale and that’s what I came down for,” Chris said, adding that he would be donning a T-shirt for Old Year’s because he, wife and young son will be at the beach.
“We’re not into that. You spend a whole lot of money, then what?” asked Celia. (GA)