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UPDATE: Murder in Crab Hill, St Lucy

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UPDATE: Murder in Crab Hill, St Lucy

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The calm of the densely populated community of Crab Hill St. Lucy was shattered in the early hours of Sunday morning when a young man was gunned downed just yards away from his home at Crab Hill No. 2 in St Lucy.
Dead is Kamale Llamar Broomes,  a 21-year-old construction worker, who was on his way home when he met his untimely death.
The deceased’s mother Idell Broomes and other family members and relatives could not hold back tears as they stood in shock and disbelief that Kamale had died in such a tragic and horrible manner and as news spread about his death.
It was a hard task for Broomes’ mother and his uncle Anderson Broomes as they were escorted by police to identify  the body of their loved one.
“My son was a nice young man who was an ardent cricketer as he played BCL cricket for the nearby North Stars club. He had received a trophy last year for taking the most wickets, and he used to do some work in construction and at time worked with his father as well” his distraught mother told the Daily Nation.
A crowd of concerned and curious onlookers gathered at the scene, some with tears in their eyes and somber faces as police detectives secured the area as they carried out their investigations.
The former St. Leonard’s Boys School student was described as a very nice and peaceful young man by Peter Philips.
“This is a great loss to me as a friend and the community of Crab Hill, as he was very helpful and it is a real shocker” Philips said.
Residents in the area said they heard gunshots and when they went to investigate, found Broomes lying on the ground with bullet wounds. These residents also expressed hope that the person or persons will be found and brought to justice. (RL)