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Wishin’ an’ hopin’ –  all in vain?

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Wishin’ an’ hopin’ –  all in vain?

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WELL, GIRL CHILE, today we start anethuh year  – 2013!  I en know ef I should wish yuh a “Happy New Year” or not, as predictions all seem to p’int to nuff  ups an’ downs fuh mos’ o’ we, wuhevuh part we live! Anyway, I gine still say it, “Happy New Year!” “Peace an’ Love!”
I hope it don’ turn out fuh wunna as bleak as it soun’ right now, as I been readin’ dat nuff  “belt-tightenin’” comin’ in de New Year,   an’ it seem it en gine lef’ in a hurry, neiduh!   Lord have ’Is mercy!  Anyway, I gine wish yuh “good healf”, ’cause even ef de money scarce, as long as yuh healf stannin’ up, evuht’ing cyahn be all bad!
I been lookin’ ovuh de wish lis’ I mek las’ Ole Year’s Night – I don’ call it “New Year’s Eve”, ‘cause  I come ’long an’ hear it call “Ole Year’s Night” sence I was a chile, an’ I too ole to change now!  Readin’ it only mek muh start out dis New Year feelin’ depress!  Not one o’ de  t’ings I wish fuh  las’ year, come to pass!  Firs’, my frien’ Philomena – an’ all dem ethuh onfortnate Bajans – cyahn hear up to now one bless-ed t’ing ’bout duh money from CLICO!  While de grass growin’, de horse starvin’! Nex’,  Al Barrack still hol’in’ out ‘e han’s fuh dem millions! All t’rough de year yuh hear payment comin’ soon.  Now, even Chris’mas come an’ gone!
After  a big lotta racket ‘bout heritage dis an’ heritage dat, de rats still runnin’ ’bout at will an’ “doin’ dixie”  in de ole Empire T’eatre!  But dah restorin’ talk en neffin new, bofe guvments been goin’ on wid dah “like fuhevuh”!   An’ de big plans fuh dah bran’-new, state-o’-de-art horsepittle en come offa de paper yet –  like dem gone t’rough de edders!  But I en surprise, ’cause after hearin’ de location site – Kingslan’ – I did  wonderin’ ef guvment was includin’ helicopters in de plans, to get de sick an’ injured dey in a hurry – ’specially dem comin’ from de norf o’ de islan’!  Anyway,  fuh wuhevuh reason, evuht’ing like it hit de “snooze” button fuh now!
One wish I was really hopin’ would come true, was de way t’ings would change ’pon de roads! Vehicles keep  pollutin’ de atmosphere wid duh black smoke an’ stranglin’ we to deaf,  an’  guvments come an’ guvments go, but neiduh side don’ seem to t’ink it impo’tant!  An’ don’ talk ‘bout de road hogs!   Duh fas’, reckless drivin’ got people, ’specially older ones, friten enuff to go ’pon de roads nowadays!  I want somebody to tell muh why it necessary to drive ’roun’ dis li’l 21×14 islan’ at sech speed!  Accidents tekkin’ place almos’ evuh day, but it en mekkin’ no diff’rence!    We had some turrble ones dis year jes’ gone, an’ I wonderin’ wuh got to happen befo’ de aut’orities get serious?  
So now yuh could onderstan’ why de openin’ o’ dis New Year ketch muh in a depress mood.  Wuh is de use o’ mekkin’ all dem wishes at de beginnin’ o’ las’ year, an’ not even one en come true?   Dis time, I en wishin’ fuh neffin!  It seem as ef  t’ings en lookin’ too “sweet” fuh we, anyhow!    We recently get downgrade to “junk” status” an’ de talk evuh place is now doom an’ gloom.  I read dat de  Economics Society president say de onlies’ Bajans dat shun be worried is de ones dat dead!  Lord, mek peace!  Wuh dis li’l rock comin’ to?   It seem even de elections keepin’ far from we!
Well, I did always hear “t’irteen” suppose to be a onlucky number!  But I gine try an’ t’ink positive!  De Lord might wear pyjamas but ‘E don’ sleep!
Keep de faif!
Tek care o’ yuhselfYuh frien’, Babsie