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Blue Tooth Breakers, top dancers

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Blue Tooth Breakers, top dancers

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With ear-splitting screams and a mad rush to the stage, members of the audience at the Kensington Oval celebrated New Year’s Day with Blue Tooth Breakers as they claimed first prize in the Community Dance Festival competition for the second time.
Winners in 2010 and tying for third place last year, the lads earned 606 points with the choreography The Power of Dance.
The dance, with its mixed fusion of music, featuring some ‘popping and locking’, flips and flicks and some ‘wukking’ up, only powered up at the end and sent the fans wild.
Second prize was taken by Elements for its choreographed piece In Control. The dance depicted how media can control our minds. Third place went to ADL Adrenalin for their take on cricket.
The juniors were not to be outdone by the adults, however, as St George Primary School, who placed second last year, dethroned Praise Academy Of Dance Promise who came third.
St George’s Primary, earning 964.5 points, took home the first prize with their upbeat Oral Welshman choreographing a piece Move With Me.
Praise Academy Of Dance Destiny, first time entrants at Dance Fest came second with Childhood Innocence. (NS)