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Caribbean life in bronze and more

Cheryl Harewood

Caribbean life in bronze and more

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They stand proudly among the many oil and watercolour paintings in the Frangipani Art Gallery at Maynards, St Peter – the colourful and not so colourful sculptures created by local, Caribbean and international artists.
Each piece is indicative of their high-quality workmanship and captures the true essence of Caribbean life.
Take, for instance, the many versions of the fruit vendor, or the piece called Summer Letter with a maiden sitting and penning a letter, no doubt to her lover.
There is also the Girl On The Swing by artist Aretha, depicting the casual, leisurely lifestyle of the Caribbean woman – perhaps in days gone by.
A bronze creation, Looking Back, will appeal to even the casual visitor to this art gallery.
A Bill Grace collection is also on display, and you’ll surely rave about his Coral Wave.
Visit this art gallery and be enchanted by not only the paintings but exotic works in bronze, ceramics, wood and more that could grace your home this yuletide season.