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Court option?

Sanka Price and Yvette Best

Court option?

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THE WIDESPREAD TRANSFERS earmarked for Alexandra School that will affect the entire secondary education system at the start of the new term come Tuesday, could be stalled by court action.
A source close to the situation said attorneys were poring over the legal options and could act by Monday. One suggestion is that the nature of the contract appointing Jeff Broomes as principal of the St Peter school could be an avenue.
The insider argues that Broomes’ contract appoints him specifically to Alexandra and as such, it would be a breach of his terms and conditions for him to be shifted to Parkinson School as scheduled, or any other school for that matter, unless he consents to the move. If the matter goes to court for declaration as expected, until there is a ruling on that declaration, the status quo would have to remain.
Quizzed on this scenario, Broomes’ attorney Vernon Smith, while confirming his client had received the letter informing him of his shift to Parkinson School yesterday, said he could not say what action they would be taking.