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BWU: Apology owed

Ricky Jordan

BWU: Apology owed

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The Union representing 97 LIME workers sacked on Wednesday is demanding that their termination letters be immediately withdrawn and an apology made by managing director Alex McDonald for “unfair” comments on the workers’ performance.
Immediately following a Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) meeting with LIME staff at Solidarity House yesterday morning, BWU General Secretary Sir Roy Trotman made the requests via a formal letter to McDonald and a Press briefing.
He also said LIME’s dismissal of retail and back-office staff with immediate effect late Wednesday had contravened the terms of the collective agreement as well as both sides’ commitment to Minister of Labour Esther Byer-Suckoo. The commitment was that neither the union nor company could or should take industrial action with discussions ongoing.
Sir Roy said what made the company’s action reprehensible was McDonald’s “unfair and untruthful report that indicated you [were] closing the stores because of poor customer service”.