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PUDDING & SOUSE: Manager fired for eating a bun

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Manager fired for eating a bun

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Staff at a popular restaurant are still in a state of shock over the dismissal of their most beloved manager who was fired for eating a bun.
The manager, whose shift had ended, but was waiting on a colleague who had asked him for a ride home, bought a snack and a bottle of water and took up one bun.
They say the dynamic duo gave the instructions to let him go because the older generation of managers are being paid too much money and management wants to cut the salaries, so this was one way of getting around the problem.
The female whistle-blower, also a manager, who caused the whole fiasco, cried long tears after and said that that was not her intention; she really wanted to put the toppings on another manager’s file and get him dismissed since he left the restaurant untidy the night before.
Well, he too was fired.
Some say the deal is far from being sealed because he intends to “bun fire pun dem” for their actions.
When managers and staff have ended their shift word is that they should leave the premises forthwith. Stay tuned!
Touchdown, take-off
Christmas was not a happy time for at least one little girl. Her mother, who flew in from Jamaica specifically to deliver her gift, was deposited in a cell and then put on the next flight out by immigration authorities.
The sad thing is that the mother pleaded with the officers to let her call the child’s father to collect the gift but they would not even grant her that small request.
And even when she was boarding the plane they told her not to even think about marrying the child’s father to get back into Barbados.
Warders seeing red
The Alexandra inquiry has opened a can of worms at HMP Dodds.
Word is that prison officers are demanding to know why Government has acted swiftly on the recommendations of this inquiry but nothing has been done about the equally expensive enquiry that was undertaken following the infamous Glendairy Prisons fire.
In fact, the officers say even the recommendations coming out of the Winston Hall inquiry were not acted upon either.
From what we understand, officers are also angry that some of the personnel who were viewed negatively in the inquiry into the fire have been promoted several times since the probe.
Mother locked out
It was bacchanal in a St Michael district when a son locked his mother out of her bungalow because he was fed up with her disgusting behaviour.
He accused her of creating strife and confusion among his brothers and sisters.
Neighbours were shocked that he would do this to his mother in her own house because he recently moved in with his wife and since then he put out his sister, who sings background vocals, because she and her boyfriend also cussed his mother.
However, this sister, who does not appear in public without heavy make-up, turned up at the house and ordered her bossy brother to let her mother back in.
Neighbours are wondering when this disruptive family will go for some serious psychological counselling.
They feel that both the brother and sister should get their own homes and leave their mother alone. Maybe the sister would now understand that when she had her famous entertainer boyfriend, she should have gotten him to put a roof over her head, instead of buying her only clothes and make-up.