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Transforming not transferring

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Transforming not transferring

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I am ecstatic to be in this space in 2013  with all the readers and columnists for today’s publication. In 2012 I noticed that as I read the articles of these columnists, I always felt a greater sense of happiness and empowerment.
Additionally, the readers of this column provided encouraging feedback and words of inspiration. Therefore, you all gave me an important gift. Indeed,  it was received with irresistible contentment and gratitude. I call that gift “passionate participation wrapped with love”. I inform you that I hold this gift  in high esteem and thank the Creator for creating  this space for me and all of you.  
This year I am bubbling over with conscious memory, therefore I will be sharing gifts this entire year. Your role is to keep reading this column because you don’t know when your gift of healing with silent doctors will appear. My first gift for 2013 is called Silent Doctors: Transforming Not Transferring The Health Challenge.  
The following Barbadian grown silent doctors can assist you.
Condition      Silent DoctorsClassic dengue   Annatto, elder, woodworm, lemon grassToothache     Clove, comfrey, tropical periwinkleEczema     Almonds, aloe, cerasee, comfrey, strawberry, Christmas candleHives     Aloe, Christmas candleHair loss     Annatto, basil, coconut oil, cochineal, rosemary, nettleCorn and calluses    Comfrey, Mediterranean fig, garlic, green pawpaw, potatoesDry skin    Avocado, strawberryCough     Basil, bloodroot, hyssop, lemon grassNosebleed     Onion, parsley, tropical periwinkleLaryngitis     Ginger, rosemaryFlatulence    Cinnamon, coriander, dill, fennel, ginger, hyssop, thymeConstipation     Blood root, flax, plantain, Christmas candle, tamarindAnaemia     Moringa, comfrey, dandelion, string beansDiarrhoea     Almonds, amaranth, annatto, avocado, plantainPeriod pains    Motherwort, passionflower, passion fruit tea, cayenne pepperMastitis     Almond, coconutWorms     Pawpaw and coconut water, pumpkin, thyme, wormwood
Finally, I wish my fellow teachers and students  a most empowering term. I pray that the Creator provides an atmosphere of light, peace, respect and truth. Since timing is critical, I implore my colleagues who are feeling the stresses and strains of transfer  to try this power mover.
Combine a pinch of cayenne pepper, one tablespoon parsley, 1½ cups chilled soursop tea, one cup  watermelon and half a tablespoon nutmeg. Blend  for three minutes and consume. It is also imperative that you include the following as you approach  your personal healing phase.
It is important to include at least fifteen minutes  of quiet time to listen to the gentle voice of the  Creator, exercise, continued prayer, loads of forgiveness, holistic meals, and understanding as you continue to await blessings in your Promised Land.  
• Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher  and herbal educator, may be contacted  at [email protected] or 250-6450. DISCLAIMER:?It is not our intention to prescribe  or make specific health claims for any product. Any attempt to diagnose and treat real illness  should come under the direction of your health care professional.

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