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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: 2013! How de years flyin’ by!

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: 2013! How de years flyin’ by!

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Dear Nesta,
I hope de new year start out bright fuh yuh an’ now yuh back to reality, yuh en need to be rinsin’ out yuh stomach wid Epsom Salts to get rid o’ all de diff’rent mixtures yuh stuff it wid, over de holiders!  
It don’ look as ef  2013 startin’ out too purty! I had muh fingers an’ toes cross fuh Barack Obama in ’e fight wid dem Republicans to prevent Amurica goin’ over de “fiscal cliff”, an’ it look as ef ’e win out – sort of – in de en’. I don’ t’ink de Republicans onderstan’ or accep’, upwards to now, dat Obama win de elections an’ he is de body in charge o’ de country, an’ not dem. Yuh could see dat group inten’ to mek he “snort” dese nex’ four years!    
My “simple” frien’, Philomena, did believe de “fiscal cliff” was a real mountain an’ de Republicans was plannin’ to push Obama ovuh an’ get rid o’ ’e once an’ fuh all. I nearly crack up! Actually, sence de year brek, I tryin’ to figure out wuh goin’ on in she head! Las’ week, a poor woman like she tek up US$273 an’ sen’ it to  one Amurican television preacher as a “seed” to plant – I din know “gardinin’ was ’pon she new year resolutions lis’!  
Dis man say God instruck he to get 1 000 people – mos’ly women – to “plant” dis seed an’ watch wuh gine happen in duh lives – total restoration an’ recovery o’ wuhevuh duh los’! As far as I concern, de onlies’ t’ing gine happen, is dat dis preacher openin’ de new year wid some warm coppers in ’e accounk, while all de  foolish “Philomenas” now poorer by $273! I’s a woman all fuh gi’in’ money to de church, but I certainly en doin’ it so! Anyhow, diff’rent strokes fuh diff’rent folks, an’ (don’ laff), I lookin’ any day now fuh my frien’ to get total restoration an’ full recovery o’ she money from dah comp’ny! $273 is a cheap price to pay to get it all back!
Muh girl, de year start out bad enuff fuh some LIME workers! Las’ Wensdy, right after New Year’s Day, 97 get leh go, jes’-so! C’dear, dem people real onfortunate doh, dah’s a turrble start to duh new year! De comp’ny manager complain dat “poor customer service an’ substantial losses” got de comp’ny in a position whey de onlies’ decision was to cut staff. Well, you know de union en gine tek dah so, an’ now demandin’ dat staff get back duh jobs. I hope t’ings wuk out fuh dem!
De Alexandra School saga is anethuh story – no en’ in sight!  It put de Energizer Bunny to shame, faif! It jes’ keep goin’ an’ goin’ an’ goin’ . . . ! After all dese years, it still en solve yet. Jes’ when yuh t’ought de results from dah expensive Commission o’ Enquiry woulda settle t’ings, so dat when de people trildrun start out dis new term, all would be well, up step anethuh problem! Transfers! De Education Ministry decide to transfer, not only de principal, but close to 20 teachers at de school as well.
I en know wuh strange met’od de ministry use, but duh scatter dese teachers all ovuh de islan’ to schools dat en had one bless-ed t’ing to do wid de Alexandra problem! Evahbody upset –  parents, trildrun, teachers dat gettin’ transfer from Alexandra an’ dem dat gettin’ transfer to Alexandra – an’ who could blame dem! De BSTU rise up an’ stop t’ree o’ de transfers, but I en know wuh comin’ nex’! I glad enuff my trildrun pass dah stage, or I woulda ha’ to start t’inkin’ ’bout “home schoolin’, fuh sure!
De year en start so hot, but we got nuff days lef’ – 357 – an’ dem include de elections!
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien’, Babsie