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What’s Trending:Squatters in the Belle

Looka Lew, [email protected]

What’s Trending:Squatters in the Belle

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
The story about squatters at the Belle St Michael who have again left the National Petroleum Corporation (NPC) with a huge water bill totalling more than $20 000 dollars because of illegal connection has our readers talking this morning.
The more than 25 householders have been informed by constituency representative for St Michael East Kenneth Best that they would have to fork out $20 a month to pay for the service.
The residents who are squatting in a zone 1 area, have for the past five years been getting water from a pipe which is located at the NPC’s substation at nearby Odessa McClean Road.
This is what some readers are saying:
Michael Lewis: “Set up house on land you don’t legally own and then proceed to take water you are not legally inclined to take. That could be deemed as theft. Place squatters before the court. Seems simple enough. The rest of us have to pay mortgage, rent, land tax and yes water bills while others seemingly commit theft in daylight. Politicians and Government need to get with the programme.”
Jimmy Alexander: Why are we surprised when they don’t pay their water bill? They are not supposed to be there.
Jenipher Ifill: “How can a Government Minister aid these persons that are breaking the law …what is really going on in this country?”
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