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Squatters should pay up for water

Maria Bradshaw

Squatters should pay up  for water

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THE?MAN?who holds the key that allows water to flow to squatters at The Belle, St Michael, believes they should each pay $20 toward the water bill which now stands at over $20 000.
However, Coleman “Magee” Quintyne,  the key keeper for  the past 16 years, said  he would not be collecting “anybody’s money”.
Quintyne, 64, explained that he was selected as  the person to keep the key and unlock the lone pipe located at the National Petroleum Corporation’s (NPC) headquarters  at nearby Odessa  McClean Road so that squatters could have access to water.
However, he said  he was not aware that  they had racked up  a bill of over $20 000.