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BCCI worried about failed talks

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BCCI worried about failed talks

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The Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has called on LIME and the Barbados Workers’ Union to return to the bargaining table.
The BCCI said it was “extremely concerned” about the breakdown in negotiations between its member  LIME and the union, which has threatened to call a general strike over the sacking of 97 employees.
“The BCCI is alarmed at this development as it believes that such action will cause great economic damage and [it] is not the time for a strike, given the challenging economic environment. The national recovery process is very fragile and would not sustain such disruption,” the business group  said in a statement.
“Businesses have to make difficult decisions but they are still trying to be fair to all concerned. They are trying to protect the longevity of their businesses whilst maintaining the job security of its remaining employees. I hope that everyone will keep a positive outlook,” added the private sector body.. (MM)