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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Grand old Duke at it again

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Grand old Duke at it again

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The grand old duke is back again – and just around the time of an expected islandwide event.
Expert observers believe the general is hedging his bets that he will get a favourable result because of the timing of his battle.
The flexing of the muscles could not have come at a worst time for some who are gearing up for a battle of their own and do not want any distractions.
The coinciding of the two national events mirrors a scenario some years ago with the same stakeholders. The big difference now is that Napoleon is no longer leading the national troops.
The last time that similar battle lines were drawn Napoleon rushed in to avert a major tragedy under his watch, but many are not convinced the same will apply this time around.
The well-being of the subjects is now left to a rather hands-off commander-in-chief who from past actions has shown he is indecisive.
The present wait-and-see game is a prime example.
On high alert
A flurry of activity in one camp is signalling that that special time is upon us.
While the exact date is being kept close to the chest of the man in charge, political pundits are taking their cue from recent opening events, among other things.
A rash of country and suburban openings within one week is an obvious clue. The other camp is following suit but is still a step or two behind.
There has also been a lot of handshaking and the jiggling of keys.
Yet a third indicator involves long lines for tools to carry out menial tasks that clear the way for many a resident and road user.
The activity has the country on high alert for a big announcement anytime soon.
There is speculation that the big man will follow the lead of his fellow Caribbean man who just shut house in preparation for his own battle.
Forecaster missing the mark
It seems that an operative’s recent attempt to give a fillip to his team by calculating the precise time of a certain event only served to cause confusion.
While only one man knoweth the day or the hour of this momentous occasion, another man in the business speculated about the exact day.
But his forecast, according to political followers with a legal eye, was far from accurate.
Considering his previous position, this man should have known better.