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PUDDING & SOUSE: Marriage off to rocky start

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Marriage off to rocky start

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It’s only been a few weeks since a certain couple said “I do” but already there is a trouble marring the marital bliss.
Word has it that wifey is questioning her husband’s sexual preference after it was revealed to her that he has had encounters with men.
She was also hopping mad to learn that one of his lovers was among the bridal party and that he doesn’t approve of the relationship.
What a rocky start to a marriage!
Will he or won’t he?
Bets are being taken against a certain man who recently found himself in legal troubles.
It has been said that people are waiting to see if he will pay the hefty fine imposed on him by the court or if he will serve time in prison.
We understand that residents in the upscale community where this man resides has been placing bets as high as $1 000.  
By the end of the month someone may be $50 000 richer.
Pimp in pal’s clothing
The operator of a certain club in a red light district has been taking advantage of young women from other islands.
Word reaching Pudding & Souse is that he scours Internet dating sites, where he befriends these women. He then pays for them to come to Barbados, but as soon as they arrive he seizes their passports and puts them to work in his club selling their bodies.
Some of the girls have been complaining to their male clients about their situation.
One can only wonder whatever became of the human trafficking organisation which was recently formed.
Big-up’s close call
The managing director of a company found himself in a very embarrassing situation recently when bailiffs turned up at his home to repossess his vehicle.
From what we understand, he was in arrears of more than $20 000 on the top-of-the-line vehicle and had not been taking any calls from his banker.
However, as soon as the bailiff turned up, he was on the telephone, frantically calling the bank.
Apparently, he sent off a cheque that same morning and his precious wheels were not taken away but he was sternly warned that the next time his account goes into arrears he would have to take public transport.
Water rationing
Employees at a St Philip institution want to know why the water is being rationed.
For the past several months pipes have been locked off and water is only being utilized from two service tanks.
There are obvious fears that such a situation could lead to a major outbreak. While some staff members have been travelling with their own water and hand sanitizers, they want to know why the water has been locked off for so long.