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Authorities and insurance companies are concerned about vehicles splitting in two after accidents.
Deputy chief technical officer with the Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW), Cheryl Bennett-Inniss, said the ministry was aware that a few people were bringing in parts to “put cars together” but properly manufactured cars will not break apart as in the cases that are occurring.
Bennett-Inniss was speaking during the 24th Annual Drug Awareness and Awards Ceremony, hosted by the National Committee for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency. Representatives from the General Insurance Association of Barbados (GIAB) were also present.
“We are not known as car manufacturers and we have seen quite a few accidents, unfortunately too many, where the car breaks apart. A car that has been manufactured correctly is not going to break apart like that, as in split in half on impact. That is pretty much a car that has been welded together and was not originally created like that . . . . So, we are taking a serious look at that,” she said. (RMB)