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DEAR CHRISTINE: Friend’s action causing anxiety

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Friend’s action causing anxiety

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Dear Christine,
I am trying very hard not to show any anxiety over a friend my husband and I both knew before we were married.
She seems to be of the opinion that every place we go, we must take her.
As a matter of fact, it is becoming a habit for my husband to include her in the things we do.
There are very few nights when he and I can be alone together; even on weekends she comes over to our home.
 I do not want to encourage any jealousy on my part, but I am not altogether happy with the little intimacies they give each other. Am I worrying too much?
– Young Wife
Dear Young Wife,
You have every right to be concerned. Triangles in marriages should be avoided at all costs.
While it is okay for husbands and wives to have friends, there are limitations.
Right now, your friend seems to consider herself a privileged character. That is not right!
I believe that single people should give married couples their rightful space and respect.
You should talk about this concern with your husband. You won’t be unreasonable when you do.
In fact, you need to correct any situation that is not in the best interest of your marriage.
Let your husband know you are not jealous but that you’d like the two of you to do more things together without a third wheel.
Make sure to point out that it’s because you love him and want to enjoy your time with him that you are bringing this matter to his attention.