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What’s Trending: Strike call

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What’s Trending: Strike call

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The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados.
Today’s Daily Nation front page story reveals that before the week is out 25 000 members of the Barbados Workers Union will be involved in a general strike against telecommunication company LIME.
Our online readers eagerly commented on this controversial story.
David Aplmac: Maybe in the UK, but in the West Indies, it’s just another extended public holiday/s…party for all. This is more threat and grand-standing than anything else. And in the tourist season. It’s only the national economy at stake, no big thing..
Epaphras Williams: Never a dull moment in Barbados!
Syruppy Kennedy: I ain’t striking for hell. My bills have to pay. Is the BWU going to pay me when who I’m employed with refuse to pay. No so sorry I feel bad for the 97 but I ain’t striking or calling in sick.
Michael O’Neal: For the Royal Shop you didn’t do this, It has politics written all over this. And what’s so secret about the date and waiting. Who are you waiting for? is this your legacy?