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Cruel cut to turtle

Heather-Lynn Evanson

Cruel cut to turtle

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THE YEAR’S FIRST ACT OF CRUELTY against one of Barbados’ endangered turtle species has been recorded.
A Loggerhead turtle, a rarity to the island’s shores, is now back in its marine environment, but minus its front flippers after someone hacked them off last week.
The plight of the injured Loggerhead was drawn to the attention of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project last Saturday after she was rescued from Carlisle Bay by diver Adrian Heal of Barbados Blue Dive Club.
The injured turtle was taken for treatment by veterinarian Dr Gus Reader, who bemoaned the lack of respect by Barbadians for the species.
Reader told the Daily Nation that when he saw the young 200-pound female, both front flippers had been amputated, about halfway along the length of the flipper, with a sharp instrument.