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I’m pregnant for a married man

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

I’m pregnant for a married man

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Dear Christine,
My parents and family members are not aware that the man I am seeing is married and has two children.
From the time I started seeing him, he promised that he was going to leave his wife, get a divorce and that we would get married.
How can I now believe this when I hear that he and his wife are having another child?
I am really afraid and unhappy about what my family will say when they discover this, together with the fact that I am now pregnant for him.
Please help me. I am 24 years old.
– C.H.
Dear C.H.,
Women like yourself need to come to the realization that men who are married are not in a position to make marriage proposals.
  What has this man done for you other than invoke fear, impregnate you, and caused you unhappiness?
Is it worth it?   You are a young woman and can certainly find happiness with a man who is single and unattached.
  There is no easy way out of this mess. You must tell your family the truth and let this experience be a lesson for you.
They may be annoyed at first but they will provide support. If you can find the strength, also send this man back to his wife. I am sure your life will be the better for it.
He does not deserve your love or affection.