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High swells do damage

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High swells  do damage

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High swells and rough seas over the past few days damaged at least  one property on  Barbados’ northwestern coast and kept tourists from enjoying a day swimming at the beach.
Pounding waves damaged the Mullins Beach Bar and Restaurant in St Peter and forced tourists to stay  on land. Beach chairs were safely stacked away.
Some daring surfers  did venture into the rough seas to enjoy the high waves. Jetski operators, vendors and others who  do business on the beach complained of lost sales  as a result of the reduced beach activity.
Along Six Men’s and Sand Street in St Peter, water and sand washed into the road, causing motorists and pedestrians to slow down and manoeuvre through  the sand and rubble.
A check at Cattlewash and Bathsheba in St Joseph, water and sand washed up onto the road leaving debris. At Bathsheba, lots of rocks were on the beach  as a number of tourists and locals took pictures  of the huge waves. (RL)