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Opposition boycott criticized by Senator

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Opposition boycott criticized by Senator

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STRESSING that the rule of law needs to be observed, Independent Senator Dean Emeritus Harold Crichlow has lambasted the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) for boycotting Parliament sessions in both the Lower and Upper Houses.
Senator Crichlow said he was disappointed at the BLP’s stance of staying away from Parliament because they felt that time the Government was duty bound to call elections because their five year tenure of administration had expired.
Speaking in the Upper House on the Foundations Bill this afternoon, Crichlow said made it clear the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) five year session did not end constitutionally end till February 11.
“We have reached a start where the rule of law is to be preferred to the rule of persons. In a small society, we tend to follow charismatic persons and sometimes we follow them blindly. It is imporant for us to remember that we are not ruled by persons but by laws and the constitution is the supreme law of barabdos and we ought to pay special attention to that because all other laws flow from the constitution,” he said.
Crichlow reiterated that the first session of the 2008-13 Parliament started on February 12, 2008 adding that the Government’s tenture begins from the first session of Parliament and not from the date of the General Election.
Full reports from the Senate in tomorrow’s DAILY NATION