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Opposition chided on boycott

Ricky Jordan

Opposition chided on boycott

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AS NINE EMPTY benches faced Government yesterday in the House of Assembly during presentation of a $15.7 million supplementary resolution to subsidize diesel, the Opposition boycott came in for a tongue-lashing from a senior minister.
Minister of Small Business Denis Kellman noted that yesterday was Government’s fifth “birthday” – the anniversary of the January 13, 2008 election victory – and it should be celebrated instead of being seen as a time to “cock up and die”.
Noting that the Leader of the Opposition Owen?Arthur had not announced the boycott himself but had instead given that job to someone who smiled and joked about everything, Kellman said the trick had not worked and war had now been declared.
“You called for something, so when you get it, I hope you can deal with it!” he declared.
Kellman also criticized the BLP’s absence. “Any time a person does not report for work, I don’t feel he is fit for employment,” he said. “. . . And I will make sure I report them to their employers, the people of Barbados, for not coming to work.”