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Naniki Jazz wows crowd

sherieholder, [email protected]

Naniki Jazz wows crowd

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THE BEAT is on.
The Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari opened at the Old Fort Hilton last night featuring Patrica Lowe and Thelonious Sphere Monk III Quartet whose session was augmented by a soulful and vivacious Alyson Williams, jazz singer.
Opening act Lowe, who is British born of Barbadian parents and now living in Italy, got things off to cool start, but eventually endeared her self to the large audience with her earthy vocals enhanced by an awesome backing unit.
Lowe’s lyrics speak to self awareness and cultural activism, and she seems at times to lose herself in the music allowing it to create a synergy with her emotions.
It was a swing time for lead man and drummer 63 year old T.S Monk who opened with a tribute to his father with Rhythm A Ning. The audience was then treated to a virtuoso display of musical talent especially from tenor sax Willie Williams.
It was a good night for jazz promoter Tom Hinds and his team. (JS)