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Trudi loves children

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Trudi loves children

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spiring child psychologist Trudi Brathwaite has always had a love for children and this is expressed in her bubbly personality and in her job choices.
The 26-year-old has done everything from working in a toy store to assisting in the Kids Club at a South Coast hotel.
The University of the West Indies graduate with a Bachelor’s in psychology says she plans to add to her qualifications by getting her Master’s before she is 30.
“I have to pull together my finances so I can do that,” she said, “but studying should start in 2014.”
Older sister to two young brothers, Trudi spends a lot of time playing with them.
“Having a degree in psychology helps me manage two high-energy boys who are prone to throwing tantrums.”
When not at work Trudi can be found modelling for her many photographer friends or at church.