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Unique High ‘pressing on’ still

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Unique High ‘pressing on’ still

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THE UNIQUE HIGH SCHOOL has been riding rough seas for several years now, but it made safe harbour for its 64th anniversary yesterday.
Principal Monica Crawford, who has been associated with Unique from the time she was 15 years old, told the DAILY NATION that financial troubles had been plaguing the school for several years, and some parents had been unable to pay the school fees. This is despite the existence of a payment plan.
Crawford, speaking after an anniversary service at the Dayrells Road Gospel Hall, said that in years of plenty Unique had a student body of 350. She said the current roll is about 65 and peaks at around 75.
“Funds are low and some parents are not able to pay the school fees, but we’re still pressing on. . . . By the strength of God I’m still pressing on,” Crawford stated. (YB)