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BWU’s warning to employers, employees

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

BWU’s warning to employers, employees

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The Barbados Workers’ Union has this evening issued a warning to employers and employees in Barbados to treat each other with respect or face the consequences.
Sir Roy Trotman, general secretary of the BWU, made the comments as he brought BWU delegates and those from the BWU LIME division up to date on the trade uniontelecommunications company dispute at Solidarity House, St Michael.
They are currently in a closed door meeting.
Before asking members of the media to exit the packed hall, Sir Roy said the BWU would be “fearless” in its treatment towards those guilty of showing disrespect.
Stating that the interest of the BWU was to secure “the interest of working men and women throughout the country”, Sir Roy said it was also to ensure that labour management relations continued to be harmonious.
“When we took the leadership to direct that there should be a Social Partnership and that we should be upfront and centre involved in that Social Partnership we were not seeking for the workers to be higher or better than anybody else, but by the same token, we were not accepting that the workers would be the dregs of the community and that we would be dragged and kicked around as if we were ragged dolls,” he said.
Sir Roy said they were not only “fighting” for members today but for future generations. (MM)