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Parents won’t like it if I marry her

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Parents won’t like it if I marry her

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Dear Christine,
I AM HAVING A PROBLEM, which may not be an unusual one, but it is the first time I am dealing with an issue of this sort.
I am 26 years of age and my girlfriend is 22. She is a beautiful person – both inside and out, but I am afraid that while my parents have had little to say about our friendship, they would be very taken aback when I tell them I want to marry this young woman.
You see, firstly, my parents believe in a particular type of religion which I do not believe in. Secondly, my girlfriend is black. I am not!
My parents have never had a major problem with my keeping friends from various social backgrounds, but they are very much against mixed marriages. I know therefore they will not accept my girlfriend
as my wife.
What should I do? Should I have a quiet wedding and then let them know I am married, or confront them but go ahead with my plans despite any objections?
– A.J.
Dear A.J.,
You need to confront them. You are old enough to make your own decisions and you should not be afraid to tell your parents (whether or not they agree) that you will be getting married to this girl.
You don’t need their approval to marry. If they can accept her as a girlfriend, why should it be so hard for them to accept her as your wife? In fact, who is to say that they won’t accept her?
Don’t take this pessimistic view. If, however, it becomes a reality, remember that the choice of whom you marry is up to you.