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A third term


A third term

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THE MAN who has led local dominoes’ revival doesn’t think his job is done just yet.
Local dominoes president Rodney Inniss says he is keen on returning for another term at the helm after revealing there are still objectives left to realize, including the execution of next year’s World Championships  Barbados.
Inniss made the comments ahead of Sunday’s general elections at the Wildey Gymnasium, where he will be seeking a third successive term in office.
“We’ve come so far after winning the bid to host the championships so I want to see the full execution of that because this must be the best spectacle in all of dominoes,” said Inniss in a wide-ranging interview with MIDWEEK SPORT.
“But it’s not just the world championships because I want to see us have a strong affiliation with international organizations like the Spanish league and  American league so we can have them wanting to come here to play dominoes.
“We have just as important negotiations over finding our own home after speaking with some Government officials and doing some site visits, so I also want to see that through to the end,” he added.
The continued absence of a home is just one of the few low points in a stellar four-year stint that has seen Inniss bring a dying sport back to islandwide relevance.
Along with seeing a substantial improvement in the sport’s financial standing, Inniss’ terms have also been highlighted by the redrafting of the association’s constitution and the creation of a website.
And according to Inniss, those pale in comparison with Barbados’ current world standing.
“The two World Championships in the last two tournaments stand out because to be able to choose a Barbados team that is efficient and good enough at World Championships level says something for the quality of our sport,” said Inniss.
“So if I had to gauge our tenure on a scale of one to ten, I would give us an eight, eight and a half because it was such a great team effort and has achieved several major things over the years.
“When I first came to office I wanted to eliminate the stigma t hat dominoes is just a rum shop sport, and I think we have been able  do that with the introduction of so many new tournaments.
“But we’re not done because we have projections for a variety of tournaments tailor-made to suit sponsors and the younger players. I am very excited for the future of dominoes from now onward,” he added.
Former president Cedric Alleyne is expected to challenge Inniss for that top post while seven members of the previous executive will not be seeking re-election.
“Let me say upfront that challenges are welcome because it means that people are coming to the fore to take responsibility,” said Inniss.
“But I also feel positive about the team I am bringing and I have a particular vision that assures me that dominoes right now is in very good hands.”