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St George woman cries foul

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St George woman cries foul

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A WALKERS, ST GEORGE WOMAN is accusing her neighbour of unhealthy practices, which she says are negatively affecting her family.
Gloria Weekes, a former police station janitor, is accusing her neighbour of allowing the waste from his sheep to wash down onto her property. In a recent interview, she said the man kept sheep directly next to her home and the rain often washed the excrement onto her land.
“The water used to run into the road, but he block off the waterway. Now, when rain falls, all the urine and dung washes down. I have to put down white lime and keep spraying against flies.
“On Christmas Eve night my son couldn’t get in because of the water since he was wearing slippers. On Christmas I had to come out with a stick to clear all the mess,” she said, adding she could not afford to continue paying to keep her land clean on a retiree’s pension. (CA)