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What’s Trending:Old woman rescued from squalor

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What’s Trending:Old woman rescued from squalor

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending in Barbados today.
Readers are concerned about the state of an elderly woman who had to be removed from her home in St Thomas yesterday where she was living in total squalor.
Estelle Butcher, 99, was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Jamal Slocombe: “Squalor – a state of being extremely dirty and unpleasant. This is very painful to read. The question is, how could she even reach that state? Arguably, this speaks to the inconsistent connection with immediate family. Would I let me grandmother, great-aunt, cousin reach physical deterioration?  I’m not one to point fingers. So I’ll keep her in my prayers.”
Joan Cox Odle Haynes: “First of all she is 99 years. May God bless her. All she needed was care. Where is her family, When you reach that age you are like a baby; once a woman twice a child. May she get the help she wants.”
Conchita Moseley:” Very sad indeed. Would this have happened back in the day? “No.” Surely someone should have been monitoring.”
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