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Kellman: New PHD product an option

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Kellman: New PHD product an option

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Minister of?Industry Denis Kellman is not in favour of farmers dumping excess milk especially during a recession.
He has called on Pine Hill Dairy (PHD) to purchase the milk and use it to make other products such as cheese, adding that it would be feasible since Barbados would then reduce its cheese imports and Government would be able to provide them with a subsidy.
A drop in the demand for milk last year resulted in a huge decrease in the quota that PHD would normally take from dairy farmers.
In response, farmers expressed fears that they may have to dump their excess raw milk if it were not taken by the Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) subsidiary.
“If they have surplus milk, I prefer them to use it make something [rather] than to talk about dumping it,” Kellman said. (MM)